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The UK's Best Selling Brake Bleeder
Made by suppliers to Formula 1 Racing
and other Racing teams.

Takes the hassle out of bleeding brakes and clutches.

Developed in response to requests for a smaller and more portable version of our large brake bleeder which has proven to be so popular over the years, this unit retains the traditional build quality and attention to detail of its predecessor. The sturdy powder coated and welded steel case is retained and as before, the fluid bottle is internal where it is protected against the garage environment.


Buy NowThe method of operation is basically the same in that new fluid is stored moisture free within the unit and delivered to the vehicle being bled under pressure. This pressure is produced by a special, high capacity 12V electric pump, especially designed for pumping brake fluid in the required pressure range. A front panel control may be used to vary the bleed pressure for different vehicle types. Producing the bleed pressure in this way means that not only are the brakes bled first time every time, but complete fluid changes can be made within a matter of minutes, including setup.


  • Fluid pumping capacity is so great that all bleed nipples may be opened and bled simultaneously.
  • Variable pressure delivery means that vehicles with specific requirements may be safely bled.
  • Uses a patented method to ensure that fluid within the storage bottle does not absord atmospheric moisture.
  • The small size and low weight make the unit supremely portable and versatile.
  • The high quality connectors used are self sealing even if disconnected under pressure.
  • Incorporates a storage space for tools, hoses, caps etc.
  • Supplied with a semi-universal reservoir cap which suits the majority of UK and European manufactured vehicles.
  • Standard bleed pressure is between 1 and 2 Bar (14 to 28psi) but the unit may be calibrated on request to 3 Bar for specific purposes.
  • Specific reservoir caps can be supplied to suit almost any vehicle.
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