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Liquid Levers Innovations New Products

Date: November 9th 2006

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Dear valued customer,

Our ongoing development program means that periodically, there will be innovative new products introduced into our expanding range of automotive industry related tooling and service equipment.

This is just such a time and we are taking this opportunity to contact you with an offer to purchase the latest releases at an introductory price, with free UK delivery: -

Oli Filter
        Wrench - Click here for more infoOil Filter Wrench

A MUST for every toolbox!

UNIQUE - The most versatile, industrial quality circumferential wrench available.

UNIQUE - This high grip oil filter wrench ensures first time removal every time.

UNIQUE - The 3/8” square drive can be remotely operated using ratchet extensions at angles up to 45°.

UNIQUE - Geared drive with a cogged belt strap for the ultimate filter grip.

UNIQUE - Needs only 5mm filter clearance to allow fitment.

Twin Drive - can be driven from the bottom or the top.

Versatile - uses virtually any used cam shaft belt with the universal 10mm pitch as the strap.

“Ratchets” without removal.

Fits all car, commercial and industrial filters from 2” to 18” (50mm - 450mm) diameter with confidence.

Last Chance Wrench- Click here for more infoThe "Last Chance Wrench"

The ULTIMATE brake pipe wrench.

Worn or damaged - Not a problem!!

UNIQUE - Torque Tightening Feature - The higher the torque, the better the grip.

UNIQUE - Changes size to suit both metric and near-sized inch.

UNIQUE - Gripping profile changes during use to grip worn or damaged flare nuts etc.

UNIQUE - Opens to allow fitment to pipe connectors etc.

UNIQUE - The highest torque capability ever.

Capable of over 4x times the ANSI, DIN or ASME standards for comparable sized flare nut / crowfoot wrenches or sockets.

Standard sizes 10mm (3/8”), 11mm (7/16”), 12mm - 13mm (½”), 14mm (9/16”) - Other sizes to order.

Changes by at least half a size during use, to enhance the grip.

Compact - Completely fold-away feature.

Requires only 3mm head clearance to allow fitment.

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